About US

Hercules Wrought Iron W.L.L. is a partnership owned and operated business renowned for its accuracy and efficiency in the fabrication and installation of wrought iron works and structural steelwork.

Hercules Wrought Iron W.L.L. was established in 2005.  Initially wrought iron works was the main source income, the business quickly expanded into the fabrication and installation of structural steel for the building construction industry.  Already we enjoy a reputation for producing accurately fabricated members which are so necessary for the efficient on site installation of steelwork.

The year 2010 marked a year of development and expansion for us, with the acquisition of our new workshop yard, which incorporates large workshops equipped with gantry cranes with up to 10 tonne lifting capacity. Additional buildings which house spray painting and abrasive blasting equipment and also well appointed office buildings, combine to provide a facility which enables  us to accommodate tight production schedules by using efficient work procedures, and also provide for further future development.

Hercules Wrought Iron W.L.L. has highly skilled and qualified staff in our employ, we are able to focus a wide range of expertise onto producing a quality standard for steel fabricating, which has the hallmark of accuracy and uncompromising attention to detail.


To be a leader in our industry and to be perceived as such by our customers, suppliers, and employees


To sustain our customersʼ outlooks with regard to outstanding service, unparalleled quality, and exceptional value while continually nurturing our business and maintaining the economic health of our company.


To use our extensive knowledge in this discipline, our supplier relationships, our technical skills, and a commitment to produce exceptional worth for our customers to build our company for the benefit of all.